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Night Tour with Four Judges

Night Tour with Four Judges

Client: Patty, Michelle, Dawn and Pier
From: Seattle, USA
Trip: Travel, 3 days in Moscow
Tour: Moscow at Nights
Where: on Patriarchy Bridge
Date: June 22, 2008 0:54

Here are my Dear clients, 4 nice ladies from Seattle, USA, who are Nationally rated Women's Gymnastics Judges decided to have fun if to travel somewhere interestingall together. Pier (Anne Pierette, a very nice lady in white shirt from the right) started to plan their trip to Europe almost 1 year in advance and because of she loves Moscow and had been in Russia many times, she recommended to her friends besides Paris they should to spend most of their journey in Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg...

Pier found my website almost 1 year sharp before their trip to Moscow and decided to use my services when they will be in Moscow. We corresponded from time to time within the year and in 2 months before their arrival she sent me deposit and booked my services for 2 full days and one evening (Moscow by Nights).

To work with them was really fun and it were a lot of memorable moments during our tours as like to Sergiev Posad (Holy Trinity St. Serious Lavra), Izmailovo Crafts Market and, of course, the most exciting tour became on their first evening, night from June 21 on June 22 when we drove around the famous Moscow landmarks right in the time when Russian football team had very important game with Holland on European championship in Austria. I took this nice picture of my clients right at the end of the game, when was 30 min overtime in the game and Torbinsky scored a second goal and leaded Russia ahead. We spent great time this glorious night for Russia and my ladies were very excited to see the beautiful city at the night and then football celebrations in the whole city (see my special hot news "Night Celebrations on Tverskaya"). I hope that Pier, with whom I am still in touch and we became very good friends, will not mind if I will use fragment from her letter to me where she describes their feelings at this night:

"... the Night Tour was awesome, a very unique way to see the city. And how could we have been any luckier with the night that we chose to do it on? You just can't plan that kind of stuff....who knew that Russia would make it that far and win?...and then have the city erupt into a wild celebration?!...that was crazy and amazing!..."

PS: On the last week passed competitions between gymnasts on Olympics 2008 in Beijing. I received several excited messages from Pier where she was happy for results of American gymnasts. Congratulations!!!

With BEST Regards,
Arthur Lookyanov
Private Guide & Personal Driver in Moscow
Photo Album of My Dear Clients
Last Edited: August 18, 2008

Photo taken on 2008-06-22 at 00:54:28

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Vivian and Peter Gutierrez Vivian and Peter Gutierrez
From: USA
Date: 2010-11-29 16:56:13

Just returned from a wonderful trip in russia, arthur was a great guide and helped us to learn a great deal about the people and history of the country.

Arthur was a great asset to our trip, we learned a great deal of the people and history,he's a wonderful guide and worked the schedule for us with the time we had available. In three days we were able to see the most important sites, including sergio p, the monastery outside of moscow. If I can help a fellow traveler get a better idea of what to expect,just ask arthur for my email and I will be glad to give you any additional information you may need. I know we were able to see as much as we did because of Arthur's help.