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Greetings from Russian Toys

Greetings from Russian Toys

Four years ago at the end of December 2004, my wife Olga requested that we purchase our first Chihuahau which we named Kimberly. We already had a hairless cat (Lilu), but because Olga dreamed of getting a dog (she likes pets and even before our marriage had a dog), of course I could not refuse her request! So, a good friendship began with a breeder who then sold us this puppy. After meeting other breeders, I offered to develop a website for the breeders and dog club for the purpose of selling these Chihauhas and Russian Toy Terriers. We called our website "Mini-Dogs.Ru" (sorry only in Russian), and with the help of my great friend and professional web-designer from Kiev, we started our business. During the past 4 years some difficulties developed in the relationship with several of the breeders, or others left the business, but some also became our friends. We were always hard working at our family business and nowadays we are quite well known in Moscow and sales have been good (Thank God). You might be very impressed to know that currently in our very small apartment we have 5 cute dogs which includes 1 long-haired Chihuahua and 4 smooth-haired Russian Toy Terriers, all females for breeding.

I told many of my clients from the USA, Canada, the UK and of course other countries about our dogs and many of them were very curious about them. Most of my clients knew about the Chihuahau breed, but almost none of my clients knew about the Russian Toy Terrier. Because of this, we have specialized in the Russian Toy Terrier and we consider this breed our favorite. I would like to explain to you about the most interesting features of the smooth-haired Rusian Toy Terriers ("Russian Toys").

Russian Toy Dog is very interesting and unique dog breed with special features. Doggies of this breed look as like little tiny deer. It is also one of the smallest breeds in the world (weight can vary from 1 - 2.5 kilos or 2.2 - 5.5 pounds) Their coats can be long-haired as well as smooth-haired. Our preference is the smooth-haired because of their temperament, which is stable, energetic, cheerful, intelligent and they are also good as house pets. They can even be house broken in the same manner as cats! Whereas other dogs can bark incessantly when guests come to visit, or when owners have multiple dogs, our dogs are silent when people who come to our house. Guests are so impressed with this behavior and also with our dogs' ability to understand and follow commands. Russian Toys can resemble a small deer and they have long legs, a strong body, a long neck with a big head and little muzzle, big smart eyes and large stand-up triangular ears. The classic hair colors for this breed are considered to be black and brown, although 7 years ago red-colored coats with different tones were seen. As an example of very rare colored coats, here is the picture of a puppy called Snezhann (made from snow) in a very light red coat, by the way, he was reserved just today, on the last day of 2008!

If my story about Russian Toys was interesting to you, a bit later I will continue to tell you about our dogs. But now with only several hours before the New Year, with our friends, our new puppies Volt, Vivien and Vista (from left to right in this picture), I would like to wish you the best of everything in the New Year and a quick end to the current global economic crisis!

With BEST Regards from Moscow,
Arthur Lookyanov
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Dated: Dec 31st, 2008

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