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View from Manezhnaya Square

View from Manezhnaya Square

View on the famous St. Basil's Cathedral from Manezhnaya Square. From left side of this picture you can see highlighted walls of the beautiful building of State Historical Museum built in 1870s. The Red Square (as like the Moscow Kremlin on the right from this picture) is located on a hill between the State Historical Museum and the most famous landmark of Moscow - the majestic St. Basil's Cathedral which was commissioned to built by first tsar of Russia Ivan IV (The Terrible) in the middle of 16th century.

Thousands of football fans started arriving to Moscow from Sunday 19 for Wednesday 21. Many of British fans came to Moscow first time and many of them had enough time before the final match of Champions league to visit at least the most famous sites of Moscow as like the Red Square, Moscow Kremlin, GUM, Tverskaya street. Several days before the game, right in the middle of the Red Square, were set up artificial pitch and a Trophy Room where were showed up the Cup of Champions, so thousands and thousands of tourists were able to see even thought to take a picture with the main trophy of UEFA.

In opposite to weird warnings of British media, all British fans was impressed by friendly atmosphere in Moscow city. They not expected such great organization of this sporting event with friendly local citizens, police and special services, so that at the end it was not even any bickering between fans of Manchester United and Chelsea in the city.. They told that in London, for example, it was not chance to hold such peaceful and really festive atmosphere as like in Moscow. British police responded that they will use video tapes taken in Moscow as a good lesson for future mass activities in their country.

On the bottom of this picture you can see a line of colorful tents with metal detectors which were used by police during a day time to check all people coming into the Red Square. This is normal process (we used to) for any mass activities not only in the Red Square or downtown, but everywhere during big holidays or special events.

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