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Shiny Sabres and Golden Domes

Shiny Sabres and Golden Domes

Any photographer knows that it is not so easy to take excellent picture to memorize important event, to show an atmosphere of fascinating action, especially, if it takes place in a big city and many people as you intend to watch the show and take some photos. Therefore, it is very important to think in advance about the spots for photo shooting and book a most suitable place where it will be the best coverage the area of upcoming event. From my practice I know and hope you agreed with my thoughts that to stake a great spot for photo shooting is not enough and your success will depend on weather conditions, on your skills as photographer and in most of cases - just on a luck!

I like this picture very much and I can say that I proud that I had a luck to make this excellent shot at the beginning of Guards Mounting ceremony in Moscow Kremlin at noon on Saturday 1st, October 2005. I was working in that time with my repeat client Annie Budz, tourist from Canada, who used my services 3 times from 2005 to 2007 and each time she stayed about 2 weeks in Moscow… Ok, back to the guards.. :-)…

On this picture, with background of the great architectural ensemble of Moscow Kremlin with shining onion golden domes on the top of Terem Palace, you can see a great action when the marching soldiers with shiny sabres (look at their high step!) are bringing Russian Military Standards into the Cathedral's Square.

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Guards Mounting Ceremony
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Photo taken on 2005-10-01 at 11:53:39

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From: Honolulu, HI USA
Date: 2004-09-06 13:28:56

Arthur was absolutely fabulous! I found Arthur on-line prior to a trip to Moscow and contacted him via email. He was extremely prompt in responding and was wonderful at finalizing all of our details. Arthur met us upon arrival into Moscow and provided a short tour of the city before taking us to our hotel and also took us back to the airport the following day. When we returned to Moscow on our riverboat cruise, we were delighted to see Arthur at the boat dock. He came to reconfirm our airport pick up and also see if there was anything else we needed while in the city. Arthur's polite and professional attitue was truly appreciated. He is a wonderful asset to the city of Moscow!