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Moscow's Billboards

Moscow's Billboards

This picture I took long time ago, but still remember these nice and cheerful ladies, Bobbi and Dolly from Boston (by the way, I have nice picture of me and Bobbi in my special photo album dedicated to my Dear Clients). Before their river cruise between Moscow and St. Petersburg they had several days to discover Moscow and used my services as a guide and driver. We spent great time all together, had a lot of fun and within couple of days became very close friends. I am still in touch with them and try every time to ask their news and worry about their health.

On the moment when I took this picture we walked up and down old Arbat street and they decided to stop and take a picture nearby a big poster with a woman sitting on a chair... From the beginning of 90s, after crash of USSR, step by step advertising occupied streets and covered buildings in our cities and now, after 17 years of developing market in new, democratic Russia - advertising on the streets even became a very big problem, especially in Moscow, where concentrated business, politic and travel activities. Today it is hard to believe that in former USSR was not advertising at all and we saw mostly slogans, propaganda on our streets combined with red banners. Recently Moscow’s authorities issued a law which will protect the most historical buildings and sites from irritating advertising signs and huge billboards which cover interesting architecture and important historical sites (for example area around the Moscow Kremlin).

These big posters which they can also use in special purpose - to cover construction of new or renovation of old buildings – and I think that it is a great idea to hide construction works or make ugly building a bit more festive with advertising. But here I would like to make interesting remark about Russians and their souls.. We don’t like limits and as usual don’t like to control ourselves.. For example, if we started to drink vodka we usually drink off all we have and go to get completely drunk for sure J, or in the current example, if we started to put advertising on our streets – we shall cover everything to get the best effect.. -)… so that now I think it is too much advertising in Moscow and tourists, of course, pay attention and impressed of our new but already great market place J.

Here are some popular impressions of my clients from different countries and continents right after their landing in one of two Moscow’s International airport (SVO-2 or Domodedovo) which I collected for you:
 - we didn't expect that so many cars and  such bad traffic in Moscow!
 - how many big apartment buidings and wide roads you have!
 - you have such different architecture, great combination of modern and old styles!
 - you have so much advertising with so huge billboards and such nice girls advertising fashion, especially underclothes or bikini! Waw!

As about the last expression, concerning this image, I often reply here that we live too far from seas and oceans and have not so much sun especially during a winter season so that these girls warm up our souls and remind us not to forget to spend our vacation somewhere where long long sand beaches... J

With BEST Regards,
Arthur Lookyanov
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Last Edited: February 28, 2008

Photo taken on 2004-06-11 at 12:11:21

Random customer's Responses & Recommendations.
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Ian Hayles Ian Hayles
From: Australia
Date: 2013-07-12 00:47:30

We were prompted to make plans to visit Moscow this year when our daughter Elizabeth was invited to attend a medical conference in June 2013. Our friends Richard and Stacey Host had visited Moscow in February 2013 and recommended Arthur.
It was the best decision. In three days we saw so much and learnt so much about Russian history and its impact and connections with our own history.
We firstly visited St Petersburg for three days on our own and then travelled to Moscow by the fast train Sapsan. Arthur was there to greet us and immediately took us to Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral and GUM Department Store. After a quick lunch we visited the vast Moscow Kremlin with all its fascinating buildings. Arthur explained a lot of things to us and took lots of photos. He then drove us to our hotel and helped us check in.
The next day Arthur took us Novodevichy Convent and Cemetery. Many famous people are buried in the cemetery. Later we went to Sparrow Hills and Victory Park (WWII memorial). The peace and beauty of the convent on a sunny day was special in contrast to sadness of the Victory Park with its Hall of Memory and Sorrows. The Museum and collection of military vehicles (including the famous T34 tank) and aircraft was very interesting.
On Friday we did a Countryside tour to Sergiyev Posad (Russian Jerusalem). It was lovely to be out of the city and to enjoy the country area. We finished off the day by walking round the All-Russia Exhibition centre (VDNKh). Once more Arthur drove us back to hotel.
What a great experience! Thank you Arthur for your Tour Guiding competence, friendly accepting character and great photographs. We highly recommend him.