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Lights of Cathedral & Bridge

Lights of Cathedral & Bridge

Here is one more picture from my Night Moscow tour on the first evening of 2008. This photo I took on Bersenievskaya embankment, opposite side to cathedral of Christ the Savoir, and nearby of the Patriarch Bridge. It were so nice reflections of its lights on the partly frozen surface of Moscow-River (Moskva-Reka) so I decided to make one more shot from this angle... I have so many pictures of this cathedral in a day or a night times, in different seasons and weather conditions, and I think now that it could be wise to make special photo album for this cathedral on my website, what you think?

I would like to say sorry to people, who don't like graffito on walls of buildings, fences or any constructions... Here, in Moscow, actually it very hard to find this stuff and the sign here on the river wall is just my greeting to you made in Photoshop :-).

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior is a great monument to Russian military glory and superb example of Russian architecture. It was opened in 1883, in a memory of Russian victory over Napoleon in 1812. This Cathedral had been under construction for about 40 years (1839-1883), but it was destroyed in one day, in December 5th, 1931 - during the Stalin's time, because communists decided to build "Soviet Palace" for their meetings. The Cathedral was recovered during 1995 - 2000. The pedestrian bridge, called Patriarch Bridge, was added in 2004 to finish architectural ensemble surrounding this cathedral.

Another pictures from the tour "Night Moscow" on the first eveving of 2008:

1. photo: "Laser effects on the MGU";
2. photo: "New Year Tree on Lubyanka"

PS: Happy New 20008 Year!
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Photo taken on 2008-01-01 at 19:26:16

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Bob Koss Bob Koss
From: Columbus, OH/USA
Date: 2012-04-07 02:42:08

I had a great time with Arthur. We went out one night to photograph Moscow at night, and we spent an entire day together touring around.

Arthur speaks fluent English and it is very easy to converse with him on most any topic. I grew up in the US during the Cold War and Arthur did the same in Russia. It was fascinating to compare our impressions as we both saw how much the world has changed.

One of my goals on our day tour was to find a specific gift for my wife. Arthur made it his mission to help me locate the present.

I would recommend Arthur to anybody visiting Moscow without hesitation.