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Seasons Greetings from Russia

Seasons Greetings from Russia

Hanukkah is now well under way, and Christmas is only one week away... Winter holidays are coming and many people in a lot of countries have already started to shop for Christmas gifts and to think about how they can greet the New Year of 2008.

I think that celebrations of Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year can unite all people in World, from different countries - all of us want to be with our friends, families, relatives. We want happiness and peace. We want stability now and in future. We wish our relatives strong health and pray to God for them.We are happytowatch how our lovely kids growandprepare them for agreat future! Do you agree with me? If yes, lets drinkto that duringour celebrations of Hanukkah, Christmas andthe New 2008 Year!!!

This newsis with my personal greetingsfor the current and upcomingwinter holidays, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year of 2008, I would like to dedicate to all my former clients and friends who I met for whole my life. Now I am worried again, as last year, that I will not have a time to send personal seasons greetings to all my friends in many countries, but I hope that they can read my wishes:

- Happy Hanukkah!
- Merry Christmas!
- Happy New 2008 Year!
- Strong Health and Happiness to you and your family!
- Spend a great time during your Winter Vacation!

With this news I would like to post for you a picture which I think will fit 100% to upcoming celebrations of Christmas and New Year. I took this picture on the famous pedestrian street of Moscow, Old Arbat, walking up and down the street with my clients Millie Ball and Keith Marshall on October 28th 2007 and when I got this picture, I immediately decided that I have to post it with the current news.

On the picture you can see a Russian vendor who is dressed in traditional, old Russian costume and who has pretty long Russian beard - very typical for past times. The name of this vendor is Vladimir Vladimirovich (is it sounds familiar? Yes! - the same name has our popular president of Russia, Putin! and, by the way, this vendor is proud of it!), and he sells souvenirs here from 1991. If you will have a chance to be on Old Arbat street, you can find his small booth on the right side at the beginning of the street, if you walk from the Moscow Kremlin. He is very friendly, likes to talk about his daughters (one is ballerina, another - manager in big trade tea company). If you will buy some souvenirs in his booth he will be pleased to let you to take pictures with him. Don't miss him when you will be on Old Arbat street, real fun!!!

With BEST Regards,
Arthur Lookyanov
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Last Edited: Dec 18th, 2007

Photo taken on 2007-10-28 at 10:37:51

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Louisa Rachedi Louisa Rachedi
From: Dusseldorf, Germany
Date: 2008-04-25 07:00:44

To all of you travelling to Moscow, surfing on Arthur's page debating on whether or not to hire his sevices, my only advice is DO IT! He will show you Moscow under a totally different angle.Not only will you get an in depth run down of what you are seeing,( as Arthur is very knowledgeable) but most of all you will have a fantastic human experience. being a tourist can sometimes get pretty lonely, (nose always burried in guide books, trying to desperately find your way in this maze of a city where the alphabet is not even the same).... But not with Arthur. With him you just have to sit back and enjoy. He will tailor the tour to your needs, sharing every single thing he knows about everything and anything.You will experience warmth, humour and true generosity on top of visiting a beautiful city.
I am recommending him a thousand times, as he will make your trip to Moscow an unforgettable priceless memory.
thank you arthur. You a truly a great man!