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Domes of St. Basil's: 7 of 9

Domes of St. Basil's: 7 of 9

On this picture you can see sharp details of exterior decorations of the most famous church in Russia, Intersession (St. Basil's) Cathedral which is located on the Red Square, nearby Moscow Kremlin, "The Heart of Russia". You can find here 7 of 9 very nice colorful, ridged onion-shaped cupolas (domes). The Cathedral is decorated by numerous folk architectural elements: figured niches, "kokoshniki" ornaments, rusticated columns, pilasters, windows and portals.

Intersession Cathedral (Rus: Pokrovsky Sobor) on the Moat, better know under the name of St. Basil's Cathedral, was built in 1555-1561 in fulfillment of a vow made by Ivan IV (The Terrible) before the conquest of the Kazan, one of the capitals of Tatars and Mongols Kingdom (Kazan Khanate). The unque project of an edifice consisting of many chapels, conceived by Metropolitan Makari, was meant to embody the image of Heavenly Jerusalem.

Its design comprises nine individual chapels, each topped with a unique onion dome and each commemorating a victorious assault on the city of Kazan. All these chapels were replaced the former wooden churches, situated on a single foundation. In 1588 the ninth chapel was erected to house the tomb of the church's namesake, Basil the Blessed. The center (ninth) and tallest tower (cropped on this picture) was dedicated to the Feast of the Intercession of Our Lady (celebrated on October 1). This was the day that the city of Kazan was taken. Each chapel is different in design and decoration. At the time, this unique cathedral was the tallest building in Moscow. St. Basil's Cathedral was built of brick which was a fairly new construction material at the time.

Intercession Cathedral became the symbol of Russian architecture. The building houses the hole relics of two famous Moscow wonderworkers - Basil The Holy Fool (Blessed) and Ivan nicknamed "Big Cup".

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