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Dormition Cathedral Interior

Dormition Cathedral Interior

After the end of the wars agains Tartars and the victory over the kingdoms of Kazan and Astrakhan, the tsar Ivan IV (The Terrible), who had a particular veneration for St. Sergius of Radonezh, bagan building a large and beautiful church on the grounds of the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra dedicated to the Dormition (Assumption) of the Mother God (Virgin Mary), a copy of the main cathedral of Moscow Kremlin. This impressive big church with beautiful cupolas (domes) had been on construction about 26 years (1559-1585) and was finished only after the death of the first Russian tsar.

The maginificent frescoes of this Cathedral were created in 1684 (in 1 century after the building was erected) by 35 painters in a 100 days (about 3 moths). The frescoes cover the area of 500 square meters and some of them you can see on right and left colums on this picture. On the background here you can see very tall, 5-tier iconostasis (a screen with icons deviding the sanctuary from nave) which consists of 76 icons dated back to the 16th-17th centuries. The celebrated seventeeth-century painter Simon Ushakov, the royal icon painter, took part in the creation of the iconostasis.

In the Dormition Cathedral there are two shrines with the holy relics of St. Filaret (Drozdov, 1867), placed near left column, and St. Innokenty (Veniaminov, 1879), placed near right column, Metropolitans of Moscow.

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Throughout the last seven years I have spent a lot of time traveling to different parts of the world, exploring whenever and wherever I can in order to better appreciate the world around us. Several months ago I decided it was time to visit Russia and Moscow was one city that I have wanted to visit since I was in grade school, so the pressure to see and experience the Russian capital was on. After a series of random internet searches I found a guide that had good reviews and so I decided to send an email whereupon several days later Arthur Lookyanov replied with a detailed itinerary of sights to see and a very organized cost sheet that made everything concise and easy to understand. My tour to Moscow began in the early June, 2012 and was the last leg of a mini European tour that included Berlin, St. Petersburg, Chernobyl, Kiev and after a long delay navigating through customs I met Arthur at a Snack Time café area. Right from the start Arthur was on time, waited for my delayed entry and navigated the airport like it was his second home.
Throughout all of my three tours, Arthur was always on time, organized what we saw from beginning to end, allowed enough time to take as many pictures as one wanted with a break for lunch and made adjustments to the itinerary when it rained or crowds got in the way of our tour. When you sign for one of Arthur’s tours, you can rest assured he will not be sitting in his car texting while you navigate the Russian subway system because he will be there with you every step of the way regardless of weather, circumstance or Kremlin security. What is also a real bonus throughout his tours, it that Arthur brings along his very professional camera whereby taking pictures from his perspective therefore you get a second camera snapping shots to further enhance your Moscow experience. His energy to show the beauty of Moscow is immediately apparent because his knowledge about Russian history is overwhelming even for a professional historian and Arthur’s drive to make sure you get the best tour possible is without question what sets him apart from other tour operators. It is without reservation or doubt that when I return to Moscow Arthur Lookyanov will be my personal guide and photographer.

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