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Cold weather in Moscow

Cold weather in Moscow

I walked today around the Red Square with my repeat client from Germany, Romy Brock. It is her 6th business trip to Moscow and this time she found some spare time between her meetings to walk around the famous Moscow attractions together and take some pictures of our memories (tomorrow I have to see her off again)...I have rare chances as usual to be in photos, in most cases only if my clients ask me to make a photo of us together, or they decide to take picture when I talking about history of Russia during our tours or just occasionally during our conversations, sightseeing tours or some special events... But this time I had the chance to ask Romy to take a picture with me during the tour around the Red Square for my website and friends.

During last several days the weather in Moscow became very cold: last night it was about -22...-24 C and during the day - about - 15 C. I am very happy right now that recently I bought a very good winter coat, made in Finland by special "Valtherm" technology. They are using the best Thermal Insulator inside and Thermo Stretch fabric which all together provide the greatest thermo control, waterproofing and windproof characteristics. This coat is very warm, comfortable to wear, lots of pockets inside and outside, it is not heavy and it is soft to touch. I don't want to advertise these coats (I do not have any business interest here), but I think, that it is an ideal choice for me, who has to drive and walk everyday in spite of the harsh climatic conditions, and hope that my experience can help somebody to make the right choice in finding appropriate clothing for the winter season.

Also, a bit later, I am going to post one photo with Romy on the page "My Dear Clients" with a small extraordinary story which happened with us at the beginning of this tour when we were stopped by couple of cops who asked us to show our papers and registration.. Everything was solved with my help, don't worry, but my client lost her positive convictions about the process of extermination of corruption in Russia...

PS: I took several good pictures today of the Kremlin and St. Basil with some interesting winter charms, but my fingers became dumb, because of it was not convenient to work with camera wearing a leather gloves and I need to feel all the buttons... Even after many hours after this tour I still feel the pain in my finger-tips... I hope to share some of my latest pictures soon...

With BEST Regards,
Arthur Lookyanov
Personal Guide & Driver in Moscow
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Feb 8th, 2007

Photo taken on 2007-02-08 at 13:01:56

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Victor and Rita Wong Victor and Rita Wong
From: Hong Kong
Date: 2014-10-29 07:59:55

We had a wonderful time at Moscow with Arthur as our guide . He is a honest , professional guide , very serious in catching time for us to see more of Moscow , and also bring my husband to great photo site to take beautiful pictures. He himself is a very good photographer and knowledgeable in Russian history , i highly recommend him if you are planning to go to Moscow on your own.
Thank you Arthur for giving us such a good memory of Moscow. Miss you .