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Red Square from St. Basil's

Red Square from St. Basil's

Probably this photo is not of my best shots with beautiful colors and light, but anyway, I want to share this photo with you, thinking that composition here is not so bad and it was taken from the famous Russian cathedral, Moscow landmark. As about the architecture, buildings and monuments, probably most of you already know all of them, but anyway I want to mark (show) the most important ones on this photo:

Foreground - Monument to the Kozma Minin and Prince Dmitri Pozharsky, the heroes of the national struggle for liberation against the Swedish and Polish invaders in 1610-1612;

Left side - Lenin's Tomb (looksnot so clear because of light) and behind it - the Kremlin's Nikolskaya (St. Nicholas) Tower stands 67.1 meters tall near the State Historical Museum and was built at the end of 15th century in the same time as the Spasskaya Tower. In 1612 the Russian volunteer army, led by Kuzma Minin and Prince Dmitry Pozharsky, fought their way into the Kremlin through the Nikolskaya and Spasskaya gates to liberate the citadel from Polish invaders;

Right side - the GUM - Famous Department store on the Red square. GUM is a short on Russian for a State Department Store. It was built as a store in 1893 and called Upper Trade Rows. It was the biggest store in Russia before the revolution, and the most popular after;

Background straight - red brick beautiful building - The State Historical Museum was built in 1881, this is one of the biggest museums in Russia;

Background right - right side of Historical Museum - the Voskesensky (Resurrection) Gates of the former Kitaigorod wall have been destroyed with the chapel built specially for the Iberian icon of Mother of God - an exact copy of miracle-working Icon of the same name which is kept on Mount Athos in Greece - by Stalin order to extend the Red square for military parades. . They was reconstructed by it's original shape after 1993.

I hope you enjoy the photo with my description about the buildings on the Red Square which is a symbol of Russia and its architectural ensemble is considered to be one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. Through the ages it changed its name many times and only in the 17th century it received its present name "Krasnaya" - Red, which in old Russian meant - "Beautiful".

Photo taken on 2005-09-05 at 17:04:20

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James Wong James Wong
From: Philippines
Date: 2017-02-18 15:33:47

Don't be deceived by the title "Moscow Driver". Arthur is not merely a good driver, but an excellent tour guide and photographer. He picked us up from the airport and wasted no time in giving us a brief narrative of the city. We arrived in the afternoon and booked the evening tour. It was snowing but Arthur gamely lugged his pro camera and tripod to make sure we had great night time pictures which was a challenge by itself. He brought us to a nice grocery and helped us pick out food and rations for the next 2 days, a real money saver for us because the breakfast buffet at our hotel was pricey.

Arthur had boundless energy and passion during our 2.5 days with him. The fact that he is an engineer already suggests that he is highly educated and intelligent. His English is fluent and he is well versed in various subjects of local history, art and architecture. He never rushed and completely took in our pace which was exactly why we did a private tour so we were not herded in a bus like sheep. He is a consummate professional and patiently waits and speaks both like a history professor and long lost friend. At the end of each day, he promptly sent us all the wonderful portraits and pictures he took of us during the tour. Why even bother bringing your heavy photo gear when you have this guy? He was there till our last day to personally escort us to our train platform for our trip to St. Petersburgh.

Moscow is a vast city. Arthur is one of the best people not only to drive you through rain and snow, but to capture the precious moments and to make sure your trip will be remembered for a long, long time. A highly recommended tour guide and friend in Moscow.